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CJS gives us financial clarity to help us make better decisions. Beyond basic bookkeeping and tax services, they think strategically and proactively.  A typical accounting firm reacts to what you ask for, but CJS’s proactive approach helps predict problems before they happen. With CJS, we know we have a team of experts working with us.

Many companies are flying blind financially because they do not know how to make sense of their finances. Those companies make decisions based on cash in the bank while ignoring many other key indicators.  CJS helps companies go beyond basic survival mode and moves them toward strategic thinking in order to make the right decisions.

As a startup company, we experience many challenges and have just as many questions.  CJS has provided guidance and support at each stage of our company’s growth.  They have exceeded our expectations and gone above and beyond.  One example is their willingness to work with IT development team to integrate our online accounting system. 

At SendaRide, we count on CJS to help us work through ideas and find solutions.  CJS not only provides us with accounting services, but also with support that gives us the confidence we need to move in the right direction.

A strategic partner of the business.  Strong in business acumen; strong in character

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Chain Jones & Sudik has earned our deepest respect and trust.  We continually see evidence of their diligence and expertise through well-educated and experienced perspectives.  What we love most about CJS is their availability and the human touch.  There is always someone available to help with our questions. 

It is so valuable to have their assistance in analyzing and planning our business strategy. 

We highly recommend their services!

I would recommend CJS for any personal financial work as well as small to large business financial management. The service provided by the staff at CJS is professional and timely in all business situations and covers a broad offering of services tailored to your specific business needs.  

Our experience with CJS at Three Dog Bakery has been extremely positive and beneficial to manage and grow our business the last 2 years.  

Quality work, comprehensive professionalism, and integrity

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